What grade of stainless steel should I use for my cleanroom furniture?

Cleanroom furniture

When selected and used correctly, stainless steel furniture can positively impact the performance of a cleanroom. Step-over benches and transfer hatches encourage good protocol, while cleanroom tables and benches can improve operatives' comfort and productivity.

As a cleanroom furniture specialist, the Cleanroomshop team knows exactly what to consider when choosing furniture for your cleanroom. Low particle retention, ease of cleaning, and resistance to cleaning chemicals are all important factors.

But what grade of stainless steel should you select for your cleanroom furniture? We will talk you through the options here.

304 stainless steel grade

Stainless steel furniture in grade 304 provides excellent resistance to corrosion and is resistant to most acids and alkalis commonly present in cleaning products. This grade withstands the harshest cleaning methods and solutions at high pressures and temperatures — up to 870°C and chloride up to 200mg/L — making it suitable for most ISO cleanrooms.

316 stainless steel grade

Cleanroom furniture in steel grade 316 is suitable for more extreme conditions. This grade contains more nickel and molybdenum, offering extra resistance to corrosion. Grade 316 withstands ultra-rigorous cleaning routines, such as chloride contents up to 500 mg/L, which is why it is the preferred grade for GMP facilities. Cleanroomshop's range of furniture can be upgraded to grade 316 on request.

Electropolished stainless steel

Electropolished furniture means the stainless steel surface is chemically treated by passivation, which prevents it from corroding. Grade 304 and grade 316 stainless steel can be electropolished. For most applications, the reduced particle retention and ultra-cleanliness of the finish mean that grade 304 is suitable. However, grade 316 gives the ultimate level of cleanliness and corrosion resistance.

Speak to the Cleanroomshop team about your furniture requirements

Cleanroomshop's range of cleanroom furniture is available to buy online. If you need custom sizes, designs, or an upgrade to 316 stainless steel — we can help!

We also offer a fit-out service, providing high-quality furniture in various materials to suit your process and budget. Contact us if you want to furnish a new cleanroom facility or upgrade the furniture in an existing facility.

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