Operative walking through a cleanroom with stainless steel furniture

What grade of stainless steel should I use for my cleanroom furniture?

When selected and used correctly, stainless steel furniture can positively impact the performance of a cleanroom. Step-over benches and transfer hatches encourage good protocol, while cleanroom tables and benches can improve operatives' comfort and productivity.

1 Mar 2023

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How to select the right glove using PPE classifications

How to select the right glove using PPE classifications

Different classifications, such as Cat III and Type B, can help you determine which glove is right for you if you use cleanroom gloves for personal protection. But what do they all mean? In this blog, we break them all down for you.

15 Feb 2023

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Custom-branded contamination control mat frames for iomart

Custom-branded contamination control mat frames from Cleanroomshop

iomart Group plc is an information technology and cloud computing company that provides managed services from data centres and offices across the UK. iomart has strict access protocols in its datacentres. There are areas within datacentres which are restricted and only security vetted staff are allowed access. This can lead to cleaning challenges.

27 Jun 2022

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Purchasing agreement for cleanroom consumables

Mitigate supply disruption with a Service Level Agreement for critical consumable products

If running out of garments, gloves, sprays or wipes is your worst nightmare at work, it’s likely you work in the cleanroom industry. Our clients rely on a reliable supply of critical products to keep production running smoothly and contamination-free.

15 Jun 2022

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Pure Touch glove liners from Purus

4 reasons to try glove liners

This blog post looks at four common reasons people choose to wear glove liners under their disposable cleanroom gloves.

8 Jun 2022

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Contamination control mat

What is a Contamination Control Mat?

A contamination control mat is a mat with an adhesive surface that is placed at the entrances and exits of workplaces to remove contaminants from the bottom of footwear and wheeled carts.

1 Jun 2022

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Cleanroomshop has had an upgrade 

We’re pleased to reveal that we’ve upgraded the Cleanroomshop website to improve your purchasing experience. 

20 Apr 2022

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Secure your consumables supply

Supply chain challenges have been well documented in the news recently and the world’s biggest shipping companies have warned that issues will continue well into Spring 2022.

6 Dec 2021

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Almac Pharma Services’ Service Level Agreement with Cleanroomshop

As Almac Pharma Services operates as an outsourcing partner to the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, the availability of critical cleaning materials is an absolute must in order to support its service offerings.

27 Aug 2021

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Important Notice of Planned Maintenance

Some of our IT systems are being upgraded this week. There will be some improvements to our services, but whilst the upgrades are taking place we will be unable to dispatch orders for a few days.

3 Aug 2021

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