Christmas Dispatch and Delivery Dates

The festivities are almost upon us, and with that, Cleanroomshop would like to support you with your cleanroom consumables needs over Christmas and the New Year.

6 Dec 2023

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Purus EnviroTack™ Tacky Mat

Purus EnviroTack™ Tacky Mats

A contamination control mat is a mat which has an adhesive surface, that is placed at the entrances and exits of workplaces to remove contaminants from the bottoms of footwear and wheeled carts. The Purus EnviroTack™ mat is particularly unique, and here are just some of its many benefits and properties.

30 Oct 2023

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AGMA: Supplier Spotlight

Neutral Detergents from AGMA

AGMA is a trusted, global supplier of chemicals, specialising in the formulation of cleaning and biocidal solutions, of which AGMA’s healthcare range is manufactured specifically for use in GMP cleanrooms.

6 Oct 2023

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The Benefits of Electropolished Stainless Steel

Electropolished stainless steel is used widely within the cleanroom industry, thanks to its high quality and finish. The process of electropolishing is simply a finishing process, that removes a thin layer of material from the metal after the manufacturing process is complete. The process leaves a shiny, extremely clean surface finish, which makes it a fantastic material to use within cleanroom environments.

Keep reading to find out why!

6 Sep 2023

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Horizontal and Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinets

Understanding Horizontal and Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinets

As Cleanroomshop introduces a new and improved range of laminar flow cabinets, this blog looks at the pros and cons of vertical laminar flow hoods and horizontal laminar flow hoods to see which one is most appropriate for your application.

11 Jul 2023

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FREE Saturix Cleaning Cart with Hands-Free Mop Removal

Get a free Saturix cleaning cart, mop handle and mop frame when you purchase 100 cases of Saturix microfibre mops

17 May 2023

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Recycle PPE with Rightcycle™ by Kimberly-Clark Professional™

RightCycle* makes it easy to recycle previously hard-to-recycle products like cleanroom garments and gloves. Now the garments and gloves used in your facility can be turned into a variety of useful, eco-friendly products.

3 May 2023

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Dupont Category III and Type 5 and 6 PPE clothing

What is Category III and Type 5 and 6 PPE?

Protective clothing such as DuPont™ coveralls and lab coats, are vital to ensuring safety in many industries, from hazardous waste management to chemical manufacturing. However, with so many options available, knowing which type of protective clothing will offer the level of protection necessary for the specific task can be challenging.

19 Apr 2023

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Easter opening hours 2023

Ordering over the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend 2023

Cleanroomshop would like to support you with your orders around the Easter weekend, so you don't experience any unexpected downtime.

3 Apr 2023

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Annex 1 compliant cleaning and disinfection | Ecolab

Annex 1 compliant cleaning and disinfection

Annex 1 compliant cleaning and disinfection | Ecolab

Are you aware of the updated rotational cleaning guidance in GMP Annex 1? Here you can learn more about the new Annex 1 requirements and how to compliant by the deadline, through Ecolab’s bestselling range of contamination control products.

30 Mar 2023

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