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Tacky Mats & Flooring

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  1. Multi Layer Sticky / Tacky Mats - Medium White - Case of 8
  2. Multi Layer Sticky / Tacky Mats - Large (case)
  3. Multi Layer Sticky / Tacky Mats - Small (case)
  4. Multi Layer Sticky Mat Frame
  5. 15" Grounding Cord
  6. Heel Grounder
  7. Rejuvenator Connect 502 Anti-Fatigue Mat
  8. Autoclavable Anti-Fatigue Mat - 610 x 910mm
  9. ESD Anti-Fatigue Mat

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The best value sticky mats in the market! Prices start as low as £7 per mat!

Foot-borne and wheel-borne contamination can introduce many particles to a cleanroom. If operatives walk over a sticky mat before entering a clean area, the contamination from the bottom of their shoe transfers onto the mat. This reduces the risk of contamination being introduced into the cleanroom.

We offer multi layer sticky mats in a range of sizes and colours to suit any application. We also offer anti-fatigue mats for operatives who have to stand for long periods of time – the integral air cushions keep standing workers energised and comfortable – sounds good to us!

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