The Advantages of using Trolleys within a Cleanroom

Stainless steel transport trolley

As cleanroom professionals, we’re all aware of the importance of implementing an efficient goods transfer procedure. But what happens to products once inside the cleanroom?

A transport trolley can bring numerous benefits to cleanroom operatives and to the overall cleanliness level of the cleanroom.

Keep the product clean

It’s of vital importance to keep products clean once inside a cleanroom. A clearing trolley can reduce the transfer of contamination by eliminating the need for touching products repeatedly when transporting them within the cleanroom.

Transport multiple items at once

Humans are a large potential source of contamination, so operatives should do what they can to reduce movement and speed when inside a clean environment. A trolley can reduce back and forth trips from the working area to materials transfer, not only reducing contamination, but also boosting productivity.

Reduce the risk of back strain

Trolleys do the carrying for you, so there will be less strain on operatives arms and backs when having to transport a lot of material.

What to look for in a transport trolley

  • A material which is easy to clean and compatible with the cleaning agents used, such as stainless steel.
  • Shelves which have a raised profile edge to prevent items falling off.
  • Curled edges for ease of cleaning and to prevent gloves snagging.
  • Perfectly welded seams for a stable hold and reduced particle retention.
  • Smooth castors with the option to lock them when in position for safety.
  • Noise dampening shelves, to prevent loud rattles when moving.

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