Leave contamination at the door!

It is estimated that 80% of contamination entering your cleanroom is foot or wheel borne; tacky mats at your entrance points are a great way to control that level.

Foot-borne and wheel-borne contamination can introduced many particles to a cleanroom. If operatives walk over a tacky mat before entering a clean area, the contamination from the bottom of their shoe transfers onto the mat, reducing the risk of contamination being introduced into the cleanroom.

We offer multi-layer sticky mats in a range of sizes and colours to suit any application. Our tacky mat frames, which can be printed with your logo, offer convenience, protecting floors from adhesive backing and ensure ease of cleaning for improved hygiene.

We also offer anti-fatigue mats for operatives who have to stand for long periods of time – the integral air cushions keep standing workers energised and comfortable – sounds good to us!

Why use a tacky mat?

  • Protection - prevent contamination being walked into a clean area
  • Choice - 3 size options - small, medium & large tacky mats - in blue or white
  • Great value - low prices!
  • High quality - same great quality mats, used by 1000's of businesses worldwide
  • Convenience - frames available (easy cleaning for improved hygiene)
  • In stock now - buy online now for next day delivery in the UK

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