Leading investor in UK defence Sector benefits from Cleanroom Training

As the largest inward investor in the UK defence sector and one of the biggest suppliers of defence equipment to the UK MoD, Leonardo have benefited from over 15 years of experience with cleanroom training from Connect 2 Cleanrooms.

With headquarters in Italy and over 47,000 employees, operating across 15 countries with offices and industrial plants across five continents, Leonardo offers a wide range of defence and security solutions to Governments, Institutions, and citizens that include every possible intervention scenario: aerial and terrestrial, naval and maritime, space and cyberspace.

As their product range develops, Leonardo understands the importance of contamination control across their processes and the important role each individual cleanroom operator plays in achieving this.

To ensure continued quality within their production process, Leonardo approached Connect 2 Cleanrooms to provide Cleanroom training for over 120 employees across two days at their offices in Edinburgh, UK.  The main focus of the training was to educate the operators on cleanroom behaviours and how to maximise their cleanrooms’ efficiency through the minimisation of contamination.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms provide a flexible approach to their bespoke cleanroom training, structuring the sessions to suit their customers individual requirements.  On this occasion the training was split into two sections covering both theory and practical sessions, followed by a cleanroom test.  Topics covered included contamination sources, gowning best practice, cleaning best practice and the short and long term impacts on the company if best practice isn’t followed.

Designed to be engaging and stimulating, the training was aimed to promote the responsibility of each individual operator to make a change to their cleanroom behaviours to minimise contamination entering the cleanroom and reducing the risk to their manufacturing processes.

A further 140 staff members are due to benefit from the bespoke training by Connect 2 Cleanrooms, which will include overnight sessions to cater for night shift operators at Leonardo’s Edinburgh premises.

For more information on our Cleanroom Training packages, call a member of the team on +44 (0)1524 813020.