WearerTech Healthcare Footwear Range Now Available

WearerTech Footwear

The WearerTech footwear range of safety shoes for healthcare professionals is now available at Cleanroomshop.

WearerTech shoes have been thoughtfully designed to help reduce pain in feet, ankles, knees, hips, lower back and in fact the whole musculoskeletal system.

Developed in conjunction with chefs, the hygienic and supportive features of this range make them perfect for healthcare workers, such as nurses, that are on their feet all day.

The shoes combine the science of biomechanics (the way the body works) with material science (the way stuff works).

With a choice of three insoles - firm, medium and soft – the range offers customised comfort.

 WearerTech Healthcare Footwear Range Now Available

Safety features such as safety toe caps and UltraGrip puncture resistant soles are designed to protect the wearer from slips, trips and accidents at work.

WearerTech shoes are put through their paces in demanding real-life environments. The feedback they get helps them understand the pressures wearers are under from being on their feet, day in, day out – and makes their shoes better as a result.

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