Uvex Range Launches at Cleanroomshop

Uvex Range Launches at Cleanroomshop

With the demand for precision eyewear and ear-protection to protect people and processes, Cleanroomshop has partnered with Uvex to expand its PPE range.

All employers are required by law to provide adequate PPE, however if that PPE can potentially harm the wearer or contaminate the process, an alternative product should be sourced.

The additional design features on Uvex’s ear plugs reduce the risk of the wearer developing ear infections – which could reduce absenteeism or the risk of infectious bacteria or viruses being introduced to hygienic and critical manufacturing areas.

A global brand with a reputation for optimising protection via high performance, product-based solutions, Uvex’s PPE range ensures and maintains both the performance capability and health and safety of employees in the workplace.

Cleanroomshop’s specialist range of PPE, furniture and equipment, is carefully selected with the best performance contamination control products on the market – ideal for the food industry.

Advanced ear protection

The X Act Fit Earplugs feature ergonomically shaped left and right ear pins with thumb indentations for easy and quick insertion. This makes them hygienic and reduces the risk of infection, as it's not necessary to roll or touch the earplugs before insertion or on removal.

The cord joining the two ear plugs together also reduces the risk of an incorrectly inserted plug falling onto and contaminating a work area.

Uvex Hi-Com Earplugs offer advanced hearing protection, delivering softer acoustics and absorbs noise interference, making it possible to understand speech clearly.


Uvex has developed the first autoclaveable safety eyewear with anti-fog coating for specialist requirements in laboratories, clinics, cleanrooms and food manufacturing.

The new additions to Cleanroomshop’s range, consists of 2 new pairs of spectacles and 1 pair of goggles – all supplied sterile.

Most noticeable however though is the unrivalled vision – with panoramic and unrestricted lateral vision – wearers will be delighted with the lightweight and comfortable fit.

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