Ensuring a Steady Supply of Tyvek® Garments

What did the client need?Tyvek Hooded Coverall with Socks

DuPont Tyvek Classic Plus Hooded Coverall with Socks

Our client needed a steady & reliable supply of DuPont™ Tyvek® Classic Plus Hooded Coverall with Socks (THCF2), that worked with their purchasing needs. 

How did we help the client?

We worked closely with our client to facilitate their vendor-managed inventory (VMI) service. The client checks usage on a weekly basis and orders the exact amount of stock required, that we then deliver on a next day service.

Our fast response and high levels of communication, mean that the client will not run out of stock as all parties in the supply chain anticipate demand and are able to manage their stock levels effectively. It also allows our client to reduce the stock levels held on their premises, making it an efficient purchasing method for them.

We communicate regularly with DuPont™, who manufactures the hooded coveralls, to ensure we always have stock available. These market-leading garments have been on restricted availability since the end of 2014, as they were approved as a suitable garment to be used in the battle against Ebola.

As a platinum distributor for DuPont™, we are still able to secure our agreed stock levels, ensuring we can always meet the demands of our clients – bridging the gap between supply and demand, even in difficult times. 

How did the client benefit?

Our client has peace of mind that we are working closely with them and DuPont™ to ensure we keep a steady supply of the Tyvek® coveralls they need to keep functioning as a business. Our client can use our quick response with reliable and honest communication to plan their purchasing.

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