Secure your consumables supply

Supply chain challenges have been well documented in the news recently and the world’s biggest shipping companies have warned that issues will continue well into Spring 2022.

We have actively worked with the key partners in our supply chain to lock in prices and secure safety stocks where possible to bridge the supply gaps. However, we are still subject to issues like shipping routes changing daily, affecting delivery dates.

What have we done to help our clients?

  • Secured pricing and safety stocks
  • Kept our shipping rates the same
  • Increased Service Level Agreements (SLA)

How does an SLA help?

With an SLA, we provide clients with a commitment to supply an agreed volume of products over a period of time. We then use your forecasted demand to help us to secure stock for the products you need.

Here are just a few additional ways an SLA could benefit you and your business:

  • One order with scheduled regular deliveries saves administration time
  • Save money with supportive pricing based on the quantities you order
  • Pricing agreed at the outset of the agreement
  • Flexible call-off options for fluctuations in monthly demand

We will work together with you to deliver quality products, in quantities and frequencies that suit you best - eliminating lead times and the risk of being left short of the essentials.

Without the forward commitment of an SLA, the current unpredictability of supply and pricing increases the risk to the continuity of your critical processes.

To speak to us about the continued supply of your critical products, contact us today.