Recycle PPE with Rightcycle™ by Kimberly-Clark Professional™

Improve recycling rates and reduce your waste footprint

RightCycle recycling

RightCycle* is an exciting service that makes it easy to recycle previously hard-to-recycle products like cleanroom garments and gloves. Now the garments and gloves used in your facility can be turned into a variety of useful, eco-friendly products.

Kimberly-Clark Professional is committed to leading the way to zero waste in landfills. That’s why they created The RightCycle Programme. The industry-changing initiative prevents personal protection equipment (PPE), including protective clothing and nitrile gloves, going into landfills or incinerators. These previously hard-to-recycle items are collected at your facility and turned into raw materials used to create brand new products!


The RightCycle Programme for PPE

RightCycle™ is the first manufacturer-led recycling service for used Kimberly-Clark Professional disposable nitrile gloves and protective clothing.

  • Reduce your environmental impact
  • Reach your Corporate Responsibility (CSR and Sustainability goals


How the PPE Recycling Programme Works


Clearoom garments



New products

Used eligible Kimberly-Clark Professional PPE is collected at your facility.


Collected PPE is transported to our recycling partner.


Products are sorted and processed into plastic pellets.


Raw materials are moulded intro new consumer products.



Who Can Participate?

The RightCycle Programme is open to any company that uses the following Kimberly-Clark Professional PPE in non-hazardous applications.

Protective Clothing

Nitrile Gloves

protective clothing

nitrile gloves

Browse the range

Browse the range


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