Regular Scheduled Deliveries of Your Cleanroom Essentials

Imagine how easy it would be if your cleanroom essentials just appeared every month at your door, without the need to repeatedly raise orders!

We offer regular scheduled deliveries of your choice of quality products, in quantities and frequencies that suit you best.

This convenient supply offers peace of mind that stock control is handled efficiently, eliminating the risk of you being left short of essentials.

How it works

Choose your product Select the frequency Adjust at any time

Choose from our entire

range of products

Decide when you

would like to take delivery

Adjust your plan to suit

changes in demand


For scheduled deliveries over £500 in value, we even offer free delivery to UK Mainland – controlling cost as well as supply.

This is a flexible plan and you are not locked in. We allow customers to amend or skip their deliveries when required.

We can even notify you before each delivery, in case you want to make any changes.

Call us on +44(0)1524 813022 for more info or to discuss scheduling your first regular delivery.