Purus EnviroTack™ Tacky Mats

Purus EnviroTack Mats

Cleanroomshop supplies a variety of Purus International products to a wide range of industry professionals. Contamination control mats are particularly popular amongst our cleanroom, laboratory and healthcare professionals and are the perfect choice for controlled environments. Read on to find out why!


What Makes EnviroTack™ Different?

A contamination control mat is a mat which has an adhesive surface, that is placed at the entrances and exits of workplaces to remove contaminants from the bottoms of footwear and wheeled carts. The Purus EnviroTack™ mat is particularly unique, and here are just some of its many benefits and properties.


Anti-Microbial Properties

Purus EnviroTack™ mats contain an anti-microbial additive that can remove up to 99.8% of foot-borne viable microbes. Each layer of the mat is fully coated with a particle-grabbing adhesive and constructed of low-density polyethylene film.


Visible Contamination Warning

The mat acts as a visible flag and reminder for all personnel to observe contamination and cross-contamination protocols within the environment they are working in. A low-profile numbered tab indicates the number of remaining layers and ensures one-Iayer-at-a-time removal.


Environmentally Friendly

Looking to the environment, the Purus EnviroTack™ mats are the first ever contamination control product containing renewable plant-based materials, reducing CO2 emissions during its manufacturing process, and providing an environmentally friendly alternative for socially responsible organisations. They can also be recycled via conventional plastic recycling streams.


The Perfect Choice for Cleanroom, Hospital and Industrial Use

Particularly within a hospital environment, we know that one of the biggest contamination risks is wheeling the beds to move patients to different areas of the hospital, where different protocols may be in place.  EnviroTack™ mats catch this contamination if beds are wheeled over the mat before going into another area of the hospital, for example, operating rooms or theatres, reducing contamination risks at all necessary points. This makes the 26” x 45” size tacky mat the ideal choice for hospitals and healthcare providers.


Receive Fixed, Discounted Prices on Purus EnviroTack™ Mats with Cleanroomshop

For those customers who require regular consumable products, we recommend a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with us, to determine the best pricing for you and a dedicated account manager here at Cleanroomshop.

For all customers who take out an SLA with us before the end of 2023, you will receive the Purus EnviroTack™ Mats at a discounted price for 12 months.