Our customers gain invaluable industry knowledge at our latest open day


Our customers have enjoyed an informative open day at our head office in Halton, Lancashire.  The event covered particulate monitoring, cleanroom best practice, cleaning products & techniques and clothing procedures.

Presentations from some of our top brands including Dupont, Techsit and Ecolab, provided the attendees with a better insight into gowning procedures, cleanroom chairs & ergonomics and hand hygiene from the industry experts.

Dupont offer excellent safety, comfort and protection against contamination with their range of cleanroom garments and accessories.  Shop their full range here.

Techsit’s unique range of cleanroom seating is ergonomically designed for use in hi-tech environments such as: aerospace, pharmaceutical, medical, electronic, production and research areas.  View their range of cleanroom seating here.

Ecolab provides contamination control without any compromise via their range of cleaning supplies, including wipes, disinfectants and hand hygiene products.  Shop the range here.

Our Open Days are a free, fun and informative way to learn more about optimising cleanroom protocols, making your processes more efficient.

For further information on our open days and to register your interest, please email marketing@connect2cleanrooms.com.