New to the range: Presat Polyester Wipes

Polyester Presat Wipes

New to our range, we have introduced two presaturated polyester wipes from leading speciality wipes manufacturer, FG Wipes.

These presat wipes deliver the highest standards of consistency and reliability to diverse critical environments:

  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical and compounding pharmacies
  • Biotech

Polyester wipes feature best-in-class quality and deliver the durability and ultra-low levels of extractables and ions you depend on. The 70% IPA formulation cuts through contaminants, removes residues, and evaporates at an ideal rate. Validated sterile to 10-6 for the most critical tasks.

  • Reduced VOCs
  • Minimized bulk liquid storage
  • Safer to ship, store and use
  • Consistency in application of solvent

Knitted or Nonwoven Wipes?

100% Polyester 70/30 IPA/DI Wipe Sterile – Knitted Wipe 

Featuring an ultra-pure polyester knit substrate in a large 12″ x 12″ size, 70% IPA and a resealable pouch, these validated sterile wipes deliver the highest levels of cleaning power, convenience and confidence. Continuous filament polyester provides the low NVRs, ions and fiber counts for critical applications.

100% Polyester 70/30 IPA/DI Wipe Sterile – Nonwoven Wipe 

Featuring a pure, nonwoven polyester substrate and 70% IPA, these wipes deliver gentle but effective cleaning in a single package. The binder-free polyester is extremely soft and perfect for use on scratch-sensitive surfaces.

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