Does your process require a cleanroom? Go Modular!

With the growing need for flexibility, modular cleanrooms are becoming increasingly popular.

Any element of contamination within your production process has the potential to cause defects, delays, re-runs, product recalls and other concerns which can impact negatively on your organisation.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms modular flexible and scalable cleanrooms create classified environments to protect processes from harmful airbourne contamination.

More cost effective than a traditional cleanroom, modular designs are ideal if you anticipate product changes, process changes, an ISO class upgrade or a site change. The modular design can be tailored to your requirements allowing for expansion, reconfiguration or relocation. Our modular cleanrooms can be manufactured to any size and designed around your existing machinery and processes, as well as adapting to your changing business environment.

What are the benefits of a modular cleanroom system?

  • Control contamination within your process to drive efficiency by reducing wastage
  • Customised design to meet individual requirements
  • Manufactured in as little as 2 weeks
  • Quick installation on-site in a matter of days
  • Cost considerably less than traditional build cleanroom
  • Meet particle counts according to International Standard ISO 14644-1
  • Easily extended or relocated
  • Running costs low due to localised area

Which modular cleanroom is right for you?

There are several different factors to consider when choosing your modular cleanroom system. To ensure you get the cleanroom that suits your needs, you must firstly identify the level of cleanliness you require.

All of our cleanrooms are modular, freestanding structures that can withstand the high volume of airflow required to achieve ISO classified, ultra-clean environments. We can supply mobile cleanrooms or cleanrooms in a fixed, permanent position.

Monobloc Panel System
Puracore®'s unique panel system walls are different from other modular cleanrooms, as the panels provide a flush finish that provides a robust and strong cleanroom finish with reduced particle retention.

Pre-engineered off site, this lightweight structure ensures quick installation times. The panels are built with a honeycomb construction that makes them extremely strong so are ideal for high rooms and you can even walk on the ceilings, which helps filter maintenance easy.

Hardwall panels are a high-integrity modular cleanroom wall construction. Panels are mounted within robust steel frames to create un-breachable walls which enclose the clean area.

Easy to maintain, this hardwall cleanroom construction is suitable for ultra-clean environments such as ISO class 5-6 

cleanrooms, which require a higher level of control to achieve higher levels of cleanliness. Provides the flexibility of doors or softwall strips for entry and the ability to include your branding on the panels.

'Softwalls' are the most economical type of modular cleanroom wall construction. Clear and flexible panels are mounted onto a robust, powder-coated steel frame, enclosing the clean area.

Suitable for ISO class 7-8 cleanrooms, this self-closing option lets in light for ambient working conditions and is perfect for full or part-coverage of machinery.

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