How to Kill Listeria

Azowipe Effective Against Listeria

In light of the recent outbreak, we've asked Vernacare which of their products are effective againt listeria.  Read on to discover what they have informed us.

"Listeria outbreaks are normally caused due to a fault in food preparation / storage and would normally be killed in food if it is sufficiently cooked and stored correctly.

"Cleaning surfaces will obviously reduce the presence of listeria, and our AzoWipe 70% IPA is tested against the listeria bacteria (EN1276). Our AzoMax product doesn’t have efficacy tested against listeria specifically, however it is a quaternary ammonium compound based formulation which as a disinfectant, and is known to be effective against listeria." David Neville, Product Manager, Vernacare.

Thanks for the information, Vernacare. 

You can find the products mentioned here in our range of Vernacare products.