Helapet SteriClean® High Performance Alcohols

Helapet SteriClean® Alcohol

Helapet's SteriClean® range of high performance sterile alcohol sprays, cleanroom wipes and detergents are specially designed, prepared and packaged for use in cleanrooms and critically controlled environments such as isolators to reduce the risk of contamination.

SteriClean® Cleanroom Trigger Sprays- sterile and non-sterile

Designed and packaged for assured transfer and use in cleanroom and isolator environments, these easy-to-use range of trigger sprays incorporate Helapet's validated closed bag-in-bottle assembly to maintain sterility of the contents throughout use. Contained in an ergonomic and lightweight bottle, each spray uses a proven closed bag in bottle spray assembly to maintain sterility of contents by restricting the ingress of bacteria.

0.45L trigger sprays are ideal for accessible cleaning in confined work areas. Each SteriClean® Alcohol Spray is double bagged in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom and gamma sterilised to no less than 25 kGy, suitable for efficient aseptic transfer into cleanrooms and isolator environments. Triple bagging is available on request.

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