Selecting Cleanroom Wipes

FG Clean Wipes

Today, we welcomed Stuart from FG Clean Wipes who delivered some product training on their range of non-woven polyester cellulose cleanroom wipes and knitted polyester cleanroom wipers.

As well as some product absorbency demonstrations and discussions around wipe applications and benefits, he discussed the 5 Cs.

5 Cs of Optimum Clean Wiper Selection

  • Cleanliness (ISO 14644-1 class)
  • Chemical compatibility (alcohols, solvents, etc.)
  • Construction (edges, surface, non-wovens, knits)
  • Capacity (ability to apply, absorbency, etc)
  • Cost (actual cost per swipe)

Browse our range of FG Clean Wipes and if you need some help with wiper selection, contact us today.