Custom-branded contamination control mat frames from Cleanroomshop

Custom-branded contamination control mat frames for iomart

Cleanroomshop has supplied iomart Group plc with custom-branded sticky mat frames to reduce the introduction of contamination in its datacentres across the UK.

The client

iomart is an information technology and cloud computing company that provides managed services from data centres and offices across the UK. iomart has strict access protocols in its datacentres. There are areas within datacentres which are restricted and only security vetted staff are allowed access. This can lead to cleaning challenges.

Contamination control mats

At one datacentre, iomart used contamination control mats, often termed tacky mats, from Cleanroomshop to maintain cleanliness levels. A contamination control mat is a mat with an adhesive surface that is placed at the entrances and exits of workplaces to remove contaminants from the bottom of footwear and wheeled carts.

There are 30 sheets per mat, so when a sheet is soiled, it is a quick and easy process to remove the top layer and reveal the fresh sheet underneath. Not only did this keep the floor much cleaner, but it was also a much faster clean-up process for the security-vetted techs than hoovering or sweeping.

When the Group saw how effective the mats were in controlling the cleanliness at this data centre, it approached Cleanroomshop to discuss supplying the rest of the data centre network with the sticky mats.

Custom-branding service

As iomart had recently rebranded, it decided to feature its branding on the mat frames to increase brand awareness and give a professional appearance to staff and clients. After being presented with proofs of options from Cleanroomshop, iomart opted for a logo that would be visible through the transparent mats.

The mats are available in multiple sizes to fit the various doorways in the datacentres and by opting for the same sized logo on each of the mat frames, iomart was able to save costs as only one template was required.


The Data Centre Manager at iomart Group was impressed with the service: “Cleanroomshop got back to us within a day of our first enquiry. Their customer service was great, we were presented with the sizes and options were very clear. There was no need to look into ordering with anyone else.”

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