New Product: Micronova Softwall Cleanroom Curtain Cleaner

Cleanroom Curtain CleanerThe Micronova Softwall Cleanroom Curtain Cleaner is now available from Cleanroomshop.

This high quality cleaner gives an operator friendly cleaning experience by dramatically reducing the time and effort required to clean softwall curtains in a clean environment.

Typically used as cleanroom walls or entrance and exit points, softwall strips can be labour intensive to clean, if using sprays and wipes.

This system allows users to grip the curtain at its highest point then can smoothly run it down the length of the strip to apply a cleaning agent. The whole process takes seconds and gives a consistent clean on both sides simultaneously.

The Softwall Cleanroom Curtain Cleaner features an electropolished stainless steel handle in a choice of lengths, plus an adaptor which holds an absorbent, polyester cover for an excellent clean.

Handle options include fixed and telescopic handles, to reduce users stretching and bending, providing a more comfortable cleaning experience.

The Polysorb Cover features a 100% polyester outer with a waffle weave for absorbency and is able to be steam sterilised.
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