The Importance of Data Analysis

Data is used as the nuts and bolts of our business as we monitor airflow and control particles in our customers mission critical environments by supplying bespoke modular cleanrooms to the global market.  This allows customers to adhere to specific legislation, customer auditing, or industry standards that customers may need to meet to produce their products in a clean, safe environment.

Influencing the Cleanroom Market through Innovation

As the leading cleanroom provider in Europe, Connect 2 Cleanrooms react quickly to what the market dictates and as market leaders in the industry we can also influence the cleanroom market through innovation.

Our data analysis has led to some very interesting and beneficial innovations such as:

  • HEPA-lite™ - Ideal for injection moulding machine coverage, our adjustable cleanroom unit can be fitted at mission-critical elements of the manufacturing process line and can be automated as part of a modular cleanroom.
  • ECO System – Monitoring related control means unscheduled events that can cause contamination, such as unauthorised personnel entering the environment, will not affect the room classification due to the airflow automatically increase to maintain the environmental parameters.

Developments in technology mean that our data capabilities have advanced considerably to allow us to remotely monitor customers control systems to check the cleanroom performance and diagnostics such as temperature differential levels, particle counts.  Allowing us to understand our customers’ environments and developing closer partnerships with them.

Website Development through Data Analysis

The integration of our e-commerce website to the accounts and CRM packages automates the population of data to each platform, allowing our expert sales team to continue to help our customers make informed decisions using the data collected and introduce you to new appropriate products and procedures.

  • Monitoring website traffic and revenue streams allows us to provide exciting customer initiatives
  • Help to continue to develop a user friendly website – analyse what is working and make changes to improve your buying experience
  • Customer data and purchasing trends allows us to build customer profiles – intelligent data allows the website to remember your previous visit
  • Develop more targeted campaigns and anticipate your needs – Ensuring you only receive the information you are interested in
  • Helps improve customer satisfaction and improved relationships with our customers

Data will continue to enable us to monitor our successes and failures and build on them to continue to improve our customers buying experience. Data analysis will also play an integral part in our business decisions and the growth of our companies.