Premium range of cleanroom chairs offer quality, comfort and value for money

Ensure operator comfort within your cleanroom with our premium range of cleanroom chairs.

Our unique range of cleanroom and ESD/Anti-static chairs are ergonomically designed for use in hi-tech environments such as aerospace, pharmaceutical, medical, electronic, food production and research areas.

People spend one third of their professional lives sitting on their work chairs so ergonomics is important. Where your operators are carrying out repetitive tasks they require a chair that will provide them with the appropriate support.

Our range of cleanroom chairs can be adapted to any working situation and provide excellent stability and support, without restricting the freedom of movement.  Fully adjustable for seat height, rake and tilt they ensure your operators full contact and support for unrivalled comfort.

With a choice of colours, the range allows for colour coding – perfect for furnishing multi-zonal cleanrooms.

Our range includes:

  • Stainless steel PU Chairs & sit stands
  • Cleanroom ESD Vinyl Chairs
  • GMP PU chairs & sit stands
  • GMP saddle seat with backrest
  • Stainless steel footrests

The stainless steel models are suitable down to ISO Class 4+ and the cleanroom Vinyl Chairs are suitable down to ISO Class 5.

For further information on our range of chairs, including castors, height and colour options, take a look at the full range today.