6 Vacuum Cleaners for Production Environments

Where contamination control is critical, specialist vacuum cleaners are able to remove floor-surface particulate prior to wet cleaning or disinfection. Here’s a list of our best-selling vacuum cleaners.




1.  Numatic Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner

Numatic Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner

A compact vacuum cleaner that conforms to ISO 14644-1 Class 4 classification. The 5-stage HEPA filtration design provides a certified operational performance of 100% down to a particle size of 0.1um without loss of power or performance.

2.  PurVac® Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner

PurVac® Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner PurVac® Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner PurVac® Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner

PurVac® vacuum cleaners are designed specifically for cleanroom use and are not only cleanroom compliant but also meet the highest requirements of sterile GMP production.

3.  Numatic ProVac HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

Numatic ProVac HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

The PPH has all the many advanced features of the ProVac model range with an additional Hepa filter module achieving an exceptional H13 – 99.95% standard, down to 0.3 micron particle size.

4.  Nilfisk GM80P HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

 Nilfisk GM80P HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

Lightweight and portable, the Nilfisk GM 80P provides durability, high performance and efficient cleaning - required by dust control professionals. The sturdy aluminium container means that the vacuum cleaner is almost indestructable and therefore especially suitable for rough and heavy duty cleaning.

5.  Numatic RucSacVac HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

Numatic RucSacVac HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to congested environments there can be no doubt that the practical features of the RSV (RucSac Vac) brings with it great advances in convenience cleaning. Particular attention has been paid to user comfort, convenience and safety with an ergonomically designed, comfortable harness system.

6.  Numatic MicroFilter Vacuum Cleaner

Numatic MicroFilter Vacuum Cleaner

This certified microfilter machine provides an exceptional 99.95% efficiency standard but totally without loss of convenience and usability.