New Product Launch: Trespa Height Adjustable Tables

Watch How the Height Adjustable Table Works

We are proud to introduce our brand new, electrically operated, Height Adjustable Trespa Table. 
It is ideal for use in cleanrooms ISO 14644-1 Class 5-8 and is suitable for all sectors, including lab environments.
The ergonomic table allows users to adjust the table from 560mm to 1190mm, making the working environment comfortable when sitting or standing, no matter the operator's height.
According to a Stanford University back pain study, workers who use height adjustable tables are 78% more likely to report a pain-free day than those who used regular tables.

Fully Adjustable with Stable & Safe Movement Motion

 Electronically Operated Height Adjustable Trespa Table
The table increases user comfort by giving workers the freedom to alternate between sitting or standing during shifts. This can reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury and the inevitable aches and pains that come from spending a long time sitting in the same position.
A soft-stop mechanism, combined with a steady ascent and descent motion, ensures minimum disruption to table contents.

Easy to Control 

Electronic Height Adjustable Table
Operated by push button control, the table can be adjusted freely and it also has 4 pre-set channels that can be set to specific heights. These are ideal for shift workers who frequently share a station where pre-set heights can be stored and easily located.
The table is available in 3 popular sizes and each size can be adjusted from a minimum height of 560mm to a maximum height of 1190mm. 
For more information, watch the video below, view our Height Adjustable Trespa Tables or Contact Us today.