For a Limited Time Only - Free Tripod with Handheld Particle Counters!

When testing the concentration of airborne particles, the updated ISO 14644-1:2015 cleanroom standards express that at each sampling location, a particle counter is positioned so the probe is in the plane of the work activity, or another specified point.

In order to keep the position of the particle counter consistent on each validation, a tripod is an essential tool in obtaining accurate readings, by eliminating movement and interference.

For this reason we are offering a free tripod with every handheld Particles Plus particle counter

Particles Plus particle counters allow users to pinpoint contamination sources quickly with visual and audible indicators via a patented, real time meter.

They come in a choice of 3 channel or 6 channel and are simple to configure - you can create custom recipes for sample size and locations in your cleanroom.

They also boast the largest touch screen display on the market and are icon driven – making them user friendly. With optional temperature & humidity sensors, an array of data output formats and the capability to monitor and control remotely via web browser – their popularity is no surprise.

Don’t miss out! Order your 3 Channel or 6 Channel Handheld Particles Plus Particle Counter and you will receive a free tripod.