4 reasons to try glove liners

Pure Touch glove liners from Purus

This blog post looks at four common reasons people choose to wear glove liners under their disposable cleanroom gloves.

1.      Experiencing excessive moisture with prolonged wear of disposable gloves?

Disposable gloves are—without a doubt—the ideal product for protecting products from contamination from your hands when working in a cleanroom. But, they are so effective at creating a barrier between the wearer and the environment, that they also don’t allow any air to the hands.

Skin—by nature—sweats. Sweat is supposed to hit the air and evaporate, cooling the skin down in the process. When wearing disposable gloves, moisture is contained in the gloves, causing discomfort to the users and causing them to lose agility and tactility.

Pure Touch glove liners made from 100% nylon are designed to be worn underneath disposable gloves to absorb excess moisture and prevent user discomfort. At just 15 denier, glove liners allow users to wear the same sized glove as usual.

2.      Experiencing allergic reactions or sensitivity to the disposable gloves?

When worn for prolonged periods, excessive moisture can cause reactions, irritation, or—in severe cases—infections. If you are experiencing issues with irritation, glove liners could help.

Full-finger glove liners are recommended for most applications. Half-finger glove liners are recommended if the user is concerned about tactile sensitivity at the fingertip.

Colour coded for visual size identification, independent users have reported that the glove liners can be laundered 12-15 times.

3.      Experiencing higher than normal usage of disposable gloves?

If users are experiencing excessive moisture in disposable gloves, they may be more likely to change the gloves more frequently than necessary to get a respite from the discomfort. Using more gloves than necessary is not only bad for the user and the environment, but it is also bad news for the bottom line. Especially with rising costs of nitrile and latex.

Glove liners may allow users to prolong the wearing of each pair of gloves, meaning less waste.

4.      Working with glassware (wet/dry) or sharp objects (blades, etc.) that require light-duty cut protection?

The Pure Touch cut-resistant glove liner is made from 13 Gauge White Nylon with HPPE and is compliant with protective gloves standard EN420:2003/A1 2009.

The yellow band at the cuff designates that it is a cut-resistant style for light-duty applications

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