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Klercide Low Residue Quat is a high grade, sterile, broad-spectrum rotational disinfectant specifically designed to be low residue.

Klercide Low Residue Quat is a sterile cleanroom biocide. The biocide is a quaternary ammonium compound blended with Water for Injection. The blend gives broad-spectrum activity. No additional activators are required.

Klercide Low Residue Quat is suitable for use on typical hard surfaces found in cleanrooms and controlled environments, isolators, Laminar Air Flow Cabinets (LAFs), equipment exteriors and production vessels exteriors.

The biocide blend is 0.2 micron filtered, sterile filled and triple bagged under unidirectional air flow in a Grade B (ISO Class 5) cleanroom, using a strictly controlled and validated process.

The trigger spray bottle incorporates the patented SteriShield Delivery System and an adjustable trigger. The way in which the SteriShield Delivery System works, as a closed system, ensures that the sterility of the contents is preserved throughout use.

Ready to use product is available in 1 litre trigger spray and 5 litre capped bottles.


Very low residue - Klercide Low Residue Quat is a blend of a quaternary ammonium compound and Water for Injection. The product is efficacious at a very low concentration, ensuring the product leaves minimal residues based on solid content of the formula*. This makes it ideal for high grade cleanrooms and critical manufacturing areas.

High quality product - Klercide Low Residue Quat is blended with the highest grade (EP) Water for Injection. It is triple bagged for easy transfer into Grade A and B cleanrooms.

Very effective rotational biocide - Klercide Low Residue Quat has good broad-spectrum activity so will control most microbial contamination likely to be found in a cleanroom environment. It can be used effectively as part of a rotation with any other Ecolab Life Sciences biocide, in particular it is highly suitable for use in rotation with Klercide Low Residue Peroxide.

Easy to use - Klercide Low Residue Quat is classified as non-corrosive so it can be used in most cleanroom applications. The fully adjustable trigger spray allows liquid to be dispensed as either a jet or a spray, which is particularly useful in critical areas. Alternatively, a 5 litre ready-to-use product is available for use in large areas.

Cost effective - All of the biocide can be dispensed from the bottle so there is no wastage. Validation of the SDS proves that the contents remain sterile. An in-use shelf life of 6 months is supported with this data, enabling a long in-use shelf life to be applied by the end user. 

Product ordering

Format: 1 Litre SDS Trigger Spray

Case quantity: 6 x 1L

Ecolab code: 3078740

Safety datasheet (PDF)

Flammable Liquid - A dangerous goods shipping surcharge will be applied to this product for shipments leaving the UK mainland

Country Of Origin: United Kingdom


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