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  • Pulsed DC ionising HV controller

  • Must be used to control Ionstorm bars

  • Set slow frequency for distances up to 1m, and a faster frequency for closer distances, e.g. 300mm

  • Balance: If the static charge varies, set a balanced output

  • If the static is constant, the balance can be adjusted 80:20 in each polarity for even better performance

  • Power: Adjustable from 0-14kV. Totally shock proof

  • Supply Voltage: 115V 50/60Hz, 230V Hz, 24VDC

  • Alarm: Shows Correct function

  • Remote Control: Available through DIN Connector for on/off and alarm

  • Size: 220mm x 180mm x 70mm, including control knobs etc

  • HT cable also adds to the overall load – using the 3850HP-SC bar, maximum load is 12 linear metres

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A. Static control in cleanrooms is an increasingly important topic because of the wider range of processing which is being conducted in controlled atmospheres. Cleanrooms are no longer just used for electronics, medical and high technology applications. They are becoming normal in many areas of plastics processing – injection moulding, extrusion, converting and assembly. In all of these areas static electricity can be an important problem.

Cleanroomshop offers a range of static control equipment which has been tested and certified for use in most cleanrooms.

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