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Innovation is a process that does not stand still. We embrace innovation, new technology and improving processes for mission critical environments. Accessibility is key and we offer buyers access to a myriad of industry leading suppliers through one single network – Cleanroomshop.com

Cleanroomshop.com is here to service the needs of B2B customers in cleanroom, and laboratory markets. They are specialist suppliers and distributors of cleanroom and laboratory supplies, consumables, cleaning tools and disinfectants, clothing, also monitoring and inspection equipment, cleanroom furniture and accessories for all sectors where protection of mission critical environments is invaluable.

Cleanroomshop.com are not an OEM, we work with industry specialist suppliers like you with thousands of lines of products all under one roof, servicing multiple sectors through our eMarketplace platform.

Your perfect E-Procurement platform

We offer you the benefit of widening your B2B reach through our E-Procurement platform allowing you competitive advantage, whilst increasing your revenue through dedicated product and range promotion. We are in the business of strengthening relationships, and ensuring you can reach people who need to make important business decisions.


The first ever online cleanroom consumables provider, from 2002 Cleanroomshop.com has led the way in innovation and supply to cleanroom and laboratory industries. That’s over 16 years of experience that you can benefit from.

Whether you require product data management, your very own spend analysis, service level agreements promotion, Cleanroomshop.com is the perfect choice for you. We are not just a faceless organisation; we have a team of industry experts on hand to work with you to drive efficiencies to your buyers businesses, giving them the competitive edge they deserve.

Important – ordering is not just confided to office hours - we are not just a 9-5 business, we operate 24/7 every day throughout the year. We like to consider ourselves a valuable member of your team. Here are some of our quality brand partners:

Dupont, ECOLAB, 3M, Kimberley Clark, Particles Plus, Pal, Synergy, Essentra, Chicopee,Nitritex, Hydroflex, UVEX, Teknomek, Fraser Anti Static

We are a fully integrated network which means that our system will speak with many market leading ERP systems, allowing your business processes to carry on as normal. We love minimal disruption.

Cleanroomshop.com is a respected brand in the industry, working across multi sectors and working with quality organisations. Could you afford not to join a network where you will be seen and associated with quality?

Want to join our E-Procurement network? For further information email us at info@cleanroomshop.com.