Increase Cleanroom Capacity

If you are looking to increase cleanroom capacity due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, we have a number of quick-to-market solutions. Here's how we can help.

Ready-to-assemble modular cleanroom kits

Ready to assemble cleanroom CR4      Ready to assemble cleanroom CR6      Ready to assemble cleanroom RR1     Ready to assemble cleanroom RR2     

Modular Hardwall Cleanroom 4x3m    

Modular Hardwall Cleanroom 6x3m    

Modular Softwall Cleanroom 1.8x1.8m    

Modular Softwall Cleanroom 3.6x1.8m

  • Positive or negative pressure 
  • Self-build
  • Size options, up to 18m2
  • Available for expedited despatch

See the full range of ready-to-assemble modular cleanrooms at Cleanroomshop.

Large softwall units 

Larger cleanrooms are available for expedited manufacture and despatch. These are suitable for a range of applications including medical equipment assembly and to increase capacity to allow social distancing.

Large 50m Square Softwall Cleanroom    Large 75m Square Softwall Cleanroom    Large 100m Square Softwall Cleanroom         

Modular Softwall 
Cleanroom - 50m2   

Modular Softwall 
Cleanroom - 75m2  

Modular Softwall 
Cleanroom - 100m2    


  • 55m2 / 75m2 / 100mcontamination free cleanroom environments
  • ISO14644-1 Class 7
  • Softwall
  • Internal personnel change area
  • Internal material transfer area

Producing Ventilator Components?

Contact Oliver Barker on 0203 488 2782 if you need to increase your cleanroom capacity.



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