FREE Saturix Cleaning Cart with Hands-Free Mop Removal

FREE Saturix Stainless Steel Mopping Cart

A superior cleaning cart for every cleanroom 

Saturix™ cleaning carts are the next step in cleanliness and efficiency. High-grade 316L electropolished stainless steel has recess-free cleanroom welds that are easy to clean while delivering exceptional durability. Each model features a Hands-Free Mop Drop System that facilitates safe, easy and quick attachment and removal of mops. The Precision Dosing System allows you to impregnate the mops the way you want, any time.

Get a free Saturix cleaning cart, mop handle and mop frame when you purchase 100 cases of Saturix microfibre mops*




Stainless Steel Grade

High-grade 316L electropolished SS with recess-free cleanroom welds

Mop Handle Holder (Included)


Mop Frame Holder (Included)


Hands-Free Mop Drop


Mop Impregnation Method

Precision Dosing—Single mop

Tub for Wipes (Included)

Stainless Steel

Material of Buckets

All Stainless Steel



ISO Recommendation



What are the benefits of a precise mopping process?

  • Helps end users reduce risk
  • Promote employee health & safety
  • Promotes operational efficiency


What makes this product different?

  • Lower risk profile of the entire mopping process by 80%**
  • Reduce chemical usage by 90%**
  • Remove 99.9% of particulate residue down to 0.1 micron in size***
  • Reduce VOCs by 60%**


How the Saturix Mopping System works


Frequently asked questions

What does touch-free mop attachment and removal mean?

You can attach (and dispose of!) the mop quickly and easily mop without assistance of hands.

What is precision dosing?

This is a streamlined process to ensure consistent mop saturation. Each mop is precisely dosed with the exact amount of cleaning solution - no need to rinse or wring.

What is the benefit of microfibre mops?

Microfibre mops are proven to remove 99.9% particulate residual. They remove disinfectant residue and particulate.

What is the sealed liquid reservoir?

This enhances safety while reducing chemical usage. The cleaning solution is isolated in sealed containers, eliminating spills, reducing VOCs and conserving chemicals.

FREE Saturix™ mopping trolley, mop handle and mop frame

For more information on how you can get a free Saturix cleaning cart, mop handle and mop frame when you purchase 100 cases of Saturix microfibre mops* contact Lois, our dedicated Account Manager Product Specialist. 




* subject to terms and conditions
** Based on internal analysis of 1500m² ISO 7 facility
*** 3rd party lab testing