Cleanroomshop launches Kimberly Clark range

We have partnered with the global brand, Kimberly Clark, to expand our offering of Cleanroom personal protective clothing and wiping solutions.

People are the largest contributor to particle contamination in any controlled environment. To protect the purity of your scientific process, it’s essential to use the most reliable and effective products available.

The Kimberly Clark brands, KIMTECH and KLEENGUARD offer value-added solutions to help you become healthier, safer and more productive within your critical and controlled environment.  Whether in laboratories or cleanrooms, the ranges offer solutions to help you sustain cleanliness and contamination control across every step of your process.

Cleanroomshop’s specialist range of PPE, furniture and equipment, is carefully selected with the best performance contamination control products on the market.

Versatile Nitrile Gloves

As an alternative to latex gloves, our new range of Nitrile gloves are a versatile laboratory glove with proprietary STERLING* NITRILE technology that combines protection with strength & comfort. Stronger and leaner than latex, with better protection against a wide range of chemicals, these extremely tactile gloves are excellent for handling delicate instruments.

High Performance Wipes

Our latest offering of wipes provide high performance solutions which will reduce the risk of cross-contamination, increasing productivity across your business.  Available dry, pre-saturated or pre-saturated sterile, the KIMTECH wiper solutions are suitable for both ISO Class 4 or higher cleanroom environments, laboratories and other controlled environments.

Face Masks and Veils

The KIMTECH PURE* Veils and face masks provide the essential process protection and comfort needed in clean and controlled environments, helping you to reduce the risk of contamination.  Silicone and latex free, with BICOSOF* fabric inner-facing, the range of masks and veils offer ultimate comfort with exceptional filtration and breathability, suitable for ISO Class 5 or higher cleanrooms.

Durable protective clothing

For cleanrooms or chemical plants, the new range of coveralls and visitor coats meets your requirements for superior, comfortable and durable protective clothing for both high and low risk environments.  Featuring Kimberly Clarks innovative CLEAN-DON* technology, the cleanroom option enables easier compliance with sterile gowning protocols.

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