How we reduced an international client’s lead time from 4 weeks to same day

What did the client need?Cleanroomshop Customer Service

A German public sector client found our website and enquired about some products that we didn’t stock in our range but were similar to other products featured on our site.

They wanted these items quickly, but they did not have a credit account facility and the items had a lengthy lead time from the manufacturer.

How did we help the client?

We have now set our client up with a credit account, so we can now process their order as soon as we receive it.

We also worked with our client to forecast demand to reduce the lead time for future ordering. We have brought some product into stock, so we did not have to wait for the manufacturer’s lengthy lead time for every order they placed.

How did the client benefit?

We can now ship products to our client faster and more efficiently. As the client is German, we helped them with their ordering process in their own language. Using a German speaker meant communication was streamlined.

Now, as soon as we receive our client’s order it can be shipped immediately – the geographical boundaries are no obstacle. The processing time has been reduced from 4 weeks to the same day for them.

We are pleased that we have been able to make such a significant time saving for our customer, which we see as a huge success.