Guest Blog: Laura on Lab and Cleanroom Workplace Seating

Guest Blog - Laura on Cleanroom Seating

In this blog post, Laura, our Sales and Customer Service Representative & Rapid Room Lead, talks us through the ergonomics behind workplace seating.

On a previous visit to the Bimos HQ in Germany, I found out about the ergonomics studies that they had conducted to help workplace seating boost productivity in lab and pharma cleanrooms.

This is the recommended ideal seated position for working:Bimos - Workplace Seating Posture

  • Upper body upright
  • Upper arms vertical
  • Forearms horizontal
  • Thighs horizontal
  • Lower legs vertical
  • Feet flat on floor
  • Sufficient room to move the arms and legs

The Bimos Labsit and Labster models all have the correct chair adjustments to support a good working posture and are of such high quality that they come with the assurance of a 10 year warranty.

The Labsit is popular with large laboratories such as those at universities, as they are so light they can easily be moved or stored using the handle on the back. It’s cost effective too, especially considering it’s certified for ISO 14644-1 class 3+.

The Labster also has ISO 14644-1 class 3+ certification but is fully sealed to support thorough cleaning protocols, making it the ideal chair for pharma production.

See the range of Bimos chairs or email me if you have any questions.

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