Ensuring Continual Supply of a Critical Biocide to a Pharmaceutical Client

What Did The Client Need?Critical Biocide Supply

The client had major problems sourcing a critical biocide via their usual purchasing channels. They did a quick online search for the product and found us.

How Did We Help The Client?

We managed to solve a supply issue for the client who couldn’t get hold of the biocide, which was critical to their processes -saving them from expensive down-time.

How Did The Client Benefit?

Jonathan who works in the Purchasing department of the pharmaceutical and drug delivery system manufacturer wrote a letter of thanks for the effort and care taken to ensure continuity of supply. 

“Can I please extend my most sincere thanks to the team who managed to move heaven and earth to provide us with the Sporicidal Chlorine sprays that we were so desperate for.”

“Cleanroomshop.com managed to not only provide the full quantity that we required, but also managed to facilitate same day delivery.

“Taking delivery of the sprays has allowed our teams to work through the night and ensure what could have been a serious issue is now only a mere hurdle to jump, with the help of Cleanroomshop.com.” - Jonathan, Purchasing Dept

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