Benefit from the flexibility of our Laminar Flow Units

Our Laminar Flow Units are perfect for use in laboratories, manufacturing areas or cleanrooms and can achieve up to ISO Class 5.

What is laminar flow?

Laminar flow is where a fluid flows in one direction, with no interruptions from turbulence. In a laminar flow unit, clean air has a unidirectional down flow from the face of the fan filter unit. The accurate terms to describe these units are unidirectional airflow cabinet and down flow booth - however laminar flow cabinet or laminar flow booth is the cleanroom industry's preferred term.

Flexible solution to suit various applications

Our LFUs suit a wide number of applications and are available with a range of additional options, including Stainless steel benches, fluorescent lighting and ionstorm bar

Although the units are easy to assemble; an installation and validation service is available on request.

Need something bespoke?

We can also design bespoke laminar flow units, tailored to suit your processes.  Contact a member of the team to discuss your requirements further.

To discuss how our laminar flow cabinets could be part of your contamination control processes, call our expert sales team on +44 (0)1524 813022 or buy our standard size laminar flow units online at