15 ways you can use a laminar flow cabinet


In celebration of our 15 years in business (we turn 16 in November), we have released 15 limited edition laminar flow cabinets at a discounted price of £1,500 (was £2,500).

We’ve been asking our clients what they use their laminar flow booths for and here are the results.

Laminar flow cabinet applications:

1.   Packing – prevent contamination at the final stage
2.   Testing – integrated service bars allow power for test equipment to check for defects and non-conformance
3.   Visual inspection – for both 100% inspection and statistical process control techniques
4.   Mini environment – creating a higher level of cleanliness within a cleanroom
5.   Product assembly – the laminar flow providing a level of process protection
6.   Microbial testing – preventing contamination of specimens, tests and samples
7.   High precision tasks – due to the task lighting, reducing eye strain
8.   Sensitive electronic work – ionstorm bars can reduce harmful static charges
9.   Healthcare – preparation of solutions
10. Research laboratory – supporting clinical trials
11. Laboratory – general task work
12. Semiconductor processes – in the required ISO 14644-1:2015 conditions
13. Optics – assembly and inspection of the sensitive equipment
14. E-liquid production – small scale bottling, mixing & filling
15. Electronic handheld device – i.e. smartphone repairs 

This laminar flow unit features an optimised design for uni-directional airflow and comes with a stainless steel table and LED lighting, for a plug in and play laminar flow booth.

The special offer price of £1,500 includes offsite assembly and validation, prior to despatch from our warehouse.

If you’d like to take advantage of this limited time offer, hurry – we only have 6 of these units left!